Senegal & Guinea Bissau

January/February 2018

Senegal is one of the countries where many of the African imigrants in Italy come from – I’ve met some of them during my recent projects and reportages. That’s why I was curious to see the country where the come from – many of them describe their motherland with enormous nostalgia as a very beautiful place but very poor and without great prospectives. Infact – I found a very beautiful country and very various as well – there’s a mix of cultures and religions but also a great variety of landscapes (the dry north with savannahs and deserts and the humid south with dense forests of gigant trees). I’ve seen much poverty and I’ve understood the absence of prospectives for the future. I found so much human warmth and I’ve been welcomed with great smiles and a wonderful hospitality.

In Guinea Bissau the contrasts are even stronger – a very poor country with luxury resorts for some special people. I was there during the famous Carnival.