Tanzania – tailor made for you!

Thanks to our long experience and our wonderful local partners we will tailor made

your journey through Tanzania following your personal wishes. 

It’s up to you whether to choose a Safari, the trekking to the Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru,

a beach holiday or a combination.  

And, as always, there are our suggestions and insider tips for an unforgettable journey!

Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is, not only for ambitious wildlife photographers, a very multifaceted country with many famous national parks. Before booking a journey you should well decide where your priorities are – since very often it will not be possible to put the whole country with all its highlights in one trip. In the north and east there are the most famous national parks of the country: the infinite vastness of the Serengeti with the famous migration or the Ngorongoro – Unesco World Heritage for being an unique habitat with unequaled concentration of fauna.

Or would you prefer the rather wild, less touristic areas in the south: the Ruaha Nationalpark with many lions and great baobab landscapes or the Selous Game Reserve with its humid areas. Very remote are the parks in the west of the country: Katavi, Gombe and Mahale. They are quite difficult to reach but once there you will be rewarded with a visit to the chimps and a great “out of Africa feeling”.

  • The Serengeti

    probably the most famous national park of Tanzania with its incredible migration of more than 1,5 million animals

  • The Ngorongoro crater

    Unesco world heritage site in the largest caldera of the world and with unequaled concentration of wildlife

  • The Lake Manyara national park

    beautiful rather small park famous for its tree climbing lions

  • the Tarangire national park

    rich of elephants and baobabs

  • The Mkomazi national park

    rather unknown and less touristic park near to the Usambara Hills. Sightings of the African Wild Dog and the black rhino.

  • The Ruaha national park

    the biggest national park of Tanzania directly on the equator line. Few tourists, great landscapes, various habitats.

  • The Selous Game Reserve

    One of the biggest conservation areas of Africa famous for its wet areas. You can explore the rich fauna during boat tours, game drives and walking safaris. Great for bird watchers

  • The Katavi national park

    Wild, hard to reach and off the beaten tracks. pure Africa!

  • The Gombe national park

    on the shores of the lake Tanganjika. the main attraction are the chimps of Jane Goodall.

  • the Mahale Mountains national park

    rain forest and chimpanzee