Namibia is a country that I have known during numerous trips, probably it’s the country I’ve travelled most over the last two decades. It’s also the country I feel especially connected with, because it was here my African adventures began, many years ago. For me Namibia represents the “essence of Africa” (seen with the eyes of the “romantic travel photographer”) – the unspoiled nature, the wild animals, the wide landscapes, the desert and the indigenous peoples like Himba and San. I never get tired to travel even the same roads and return to the same places many times: they are alway spectacular like on my first visit and yet the are always different.  

… like in July 2018

… un trip that has been planned during the dry season with a probability of rain close to zero percent. Before leaving I was a bit disapppointed because of those blu skys in the dry season that would have make us miss the breathtaking sunsets of the more humid times created by the dramatic cloud formations. But then it was the contrary: aboundance of rain in the Namib desert, rainbows over the famous dune 45, a thunderstorm in the Death Vlei. And after some day the flowers of the desert. Of course, this was not normal, in some way very disquieting (climate change?!). But it was also terrific!