Who am I?

Travel photographer and owner of a Tour Operator, born in Germany and, since many years, living in Italy (Cinque Terre). Most of my travels take me to various countries in Africa and, of course, through my beloved adopted country – Italy. My pictures have been published in many of the most famous guide books, travel and lifestyle magazines (for example Vanity Fair) and calendars.

Travel with me!

Benefit from the combination of two professional competences: I’m the owner of a tour operator and as well a travel photographer with many years of experience in Africa and Italy. Join my workshops and photographic trips to Italy and Africa – professionally organized and with many unique elements for photographers.


I travel for you!

I can be hired for photographic services of Travel and Social Photography in Italy and Africa. Please contact me for further information.

Travel Photographer - capturing the soul of a place

For me the mission of a travel photography consists in diving deep into the soul of a place, live it, breath it and capture its essence. It is made of many elements – its landscapes, its people, its nature, its food, its skies… See the galeries of some of my travels.


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